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John & Rachelle Moyer

Empowering Individuals to Upgrade Their Minds

 John and Rachelle Moyer are two seasoned, master hypnotists, each with their own unique abilities. Whether digital content online with John's YouTube Channel or a live transformational hypnosis session with Rachelle, they are a couple committed to helping everyone experience the power of the mind. 

About Our Journey

About Our

John and Rachelle have been together for more than ten years with a happy blended family of six children. Together they have spent those ten years sharing the concepts and the tools that have radically upgraded the quality of their lives.


As an award entertainer and filmmaker, John has combined his 30 years of performance and media production experience with his hypnosis knowledge and training. His YouTube Channel has over 300K subscribers and more than forty million views for his mind empowering meditation and hypnosis content.


Through her gifts as a hypnotist, Rachelle has benefited the personal and professional lives of numerous clients during her one-on-one and group sessions. Using a variety of modalities, Rachelle guides individuals to understand the patterns of their mind by harnessing one's own ability to rewrite and rewire their ways of thinking to affect positive change.

Areas of Expertise

  • One-On-One Hypnosis
  • Virtual Hypnosis Sessions
  • Group Hypnosis Sessions
  • YouTube Creators
  • Keynote Speaking

What Clients Say About Rachelle

“Rachelle changed my life! It's more than just shifting the subconscious; she helps her clients consciously understand what's going on."

Jewel F., Baltimore, MD

"“Thank you! I have FINALLY quit vaping!"

Michael K, Denver, CO

“There big changes after working with Rachelle. I "rewrote the "story" I was telling myself and changed my mindset. "

Mellisa P. South Jordan, UT

"You are so kind... so easy to connect with and it's just like a new switch turned on in my head. Old patterns erased like you said!

Kazj B., Salt Lake City, UT


Rachelle's One-on-One Hypnosis Sessions

Rachelle Moyer, CCH stands at the forefront of transformative hypnosis, offering her own unique and empowering approach to personal development. While she is professionally trained as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), her  expertise extends beyond traditional hypnosis techniques. Clients experience a process that is both nurturing and results-driven. She offers a confident and supportive space for exploring and releasing negative patterns, fostering an environment where positive change can flourish.


The commitment to her clients' growth and her dedication to their journey of self-discovery make sessions with Rachelle unique. Her intuitive approach is both holistic and grounded, ensuring that each session contributes to a journey of meaningful and sustainable change.


In addition to her skills with hypnosis, Rachelle incorporates innovative techniques such as tapping and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), providing a conscious approach to emotional well-being. This multifaceted strategy ensures that each client is sustained in the concepts that they deserve to realize are going to benefit them.

One-on-On Sessions, Virtual Online Session & Group Sessions Available.

What People are Saying on YouTube

"Your video literally came as a life long love has broken my heart. The timing is uncanny. Thank you John and Rachelle ️ Love IS my birthright and I do embrace it.!"



"Your sleep hypnosis videos have given me the peace I’ve been looking for. Thank you, from the bottom of my soul!"

"John, you are very good at what you do. Out of all the videos I have listened to on YouTube, yours actually got through to me."    


"Whenever I’m having problems I know one of you guys' (John & Rachelle) videos will help me get back balanced. You guys are appreciated and loved for your work and dedication."


John's Videos on

314K Subscribers & 40 Million Views


Well over a decade ago, John was in what he refers to as one of the "darkest places" of his life. As a stand-up comedian, his cynical and angry perspective wasn't just great fodder for jokes on stage; it also fueled a personal life filled with drama and dysfunction. Twice divorced, with two young sons, he found himself only attracting individuals who mirrored the drama in his life.

Caught between personal dysfunction and the trajectory of his professional life, John felt that not just something, but everything, needed to change.

That's when he discovered the power of the mind through hypnosis and meditation. He realized that changing things outside of him meant changing things inside of him. And with that, everything changed.

John met Rachelle, who was on a similar journey. He retired from stand-up comedy and dedicated himself to hypnosis full-time. Initially, he became a popular stage hypnotist, performing at venues and corporate events across the country, as well as becoming a Headlining Entertainer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. From there, his YouTube channel was born. His hypnosis and meditation videos incorporate the concepts that he and Rachelle have come to understand about the mind and making profound change. 

Working alongside his wife, Rachelle and reaching a worldwide audience to empower them to make changes has become the most rewarding experience of his life.

Schedule a Session with Rachelle

Any Challenge


Rachelle has assisted numerous clients in overcoming a diverse range of challenges. These include personal and professional limitations, monetary beliefs, struggles with releasing previous religious ideologies, relationship issues, as well as quitting smoking and vaping.


She also helps clients who are dealing with anxiousness and those striving to achieve their goals. Rachelle supports her clients in understanding the obstacles that hinder their progress, rewiring their thought patterns, and equipping them with tools to empower themselves in any present moment.​For those in the Salt Lake City area, in-person sessions are available.


Rachelle is not a traditional therapist; she is a professional hypnotist who uses her modalities to create positive change in an individual's life.  Everyone's situation is unique, though most are able affect change and notice results quickly.   



The rate for a session is $175. Sessions are conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing and last approximately 90 minutes. If the session goes longer, no additional cost is incurred. 


Click book and fill out the submission form below. You can provide the details on what it is you prefer to work on with Rachelle, along with any questions and we will contact you with further details to schedule your session. 

Virtual sessions are offered during standard business hours, yet we understand that everyone's schedule is unique. If you prefer a specific time outside of regular business hours please contact us to request availability.

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